Safe Tech Pitch 2020 Winners

$10,000 Top Prize Overall Sectors

Fotokite designs, manufactures, and supports Public Safety teams with tethered situational awareness solutions to help them stay safe, save lives, and preserve property at the push of a button. Fotokite systems are mounted on top of Public Safety vehicles and operate without any need for a pilot, streaming dual thermal + low-light video to help size-up emergency response scenes within seconds of arriving and with 24+ hour continuous flight time. Fotokite is a 50 person ETH-Zurich spin-off company with offices in Zurich CH, Syracuse NY, and Boulder CO. 1st Prize winner of the 2018 GENIUS NY competition, 2017 euRobotics Tech Transfer 1st Prize winner, and 2015 Qualcomm European QPrize winner, Fotokite launched the Fotokite Sigma in early 2019 and continues to ramp up deliveries of our industry defining solutions across North America and Europe.

$5,000 Runner-Up Overall Sectors

SkyeBrowse provides 1 tap 3D modeling for your DJI drones on your iOS device. Anyone can map out an accident scene with no training required. Departments have cleared crime scenes in 90 seconds, instead of 3 hours. Accident scenes have been fully reconstructed in 20 minutes, instead of 3 days. Hazmat runoffs can clear 90% faster with SkyeBrowse. Pre-planning is made easy with SkyeBrowse — a 3-minute SkyeBrowse flight was used to position snipers in protests downtown. Governmental buildings are being mapped by officers flying SkyeBrowse for mission critical intelligence during future active shooter situations. With SkyeBrowse’s patented videogrammetry technology, you can create the world’s fastest 3D model in just 1 tap on your iOS device.

$1,500 Top Tech by Sector

$1,000 Runner-Up by Sector